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Those of us who have lived, worked, visited and operated businesses in the 1000 Islands Region share a special affection for the area and its abundant natural beauty. We cannot help but want to share it with others throughout the world. And does just that each and every day of the year. sees Internet traffic from 71 countries or territories around the world. A very large number of the tourists who have come physically to visit the area in the past decade and a half, first discovered and explored the 1000 islands on

As we look to the future from the current economic turmoil, we’ve decided to redouble our efforts to promote this place we all love so much. As a part of that plan we are preparing to spotlight individual businesses throughout the region. We’d like to share the story of your business, to give our website visitors even more reasons to come in person to the 1000 islands with their families. When they arrive, they’ll already have a special familiarity with your business, and may thus be attracted to the doors of your establishment.

But, of course, we can not do this for you without your help.

The form below is a brief questionnaire which is designed to help gather information about your business. We will take this information and put together a business spotlight about your company. This spotlight will then be featured on to receive thousands of visits each year.

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Why would we do this for you for FREE? Simple. The more we do to promote the 1000 islands, the more it benefits everyone in the area. As we bolster the local economy even a little bit with our efforts, there will be a domino effect that will benefit everyone.

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