Alexandria Bay Attractions

A vacation in Alexandria Bay means being at the heart of one of nature’s wonders. The only work to be done is to select from the countless opportunities, activities and events that exist year-round at The Bay.

Boat tours of the 1000 Islands, unique specialty shopping in the town and surrounding areas, water and land-based sports, festivals, world-class entertainment and family events are some of the exciting activities available to you.

A tour of the 1000 Islands on an excursion boat or with a rented boat, rewards the vacationer with an indelible glimpse of nature’s creativity. By our best count, 1,793 islands garnish the waters of this region, inviting your exploration.

Heart Island, just across from The Bay, is the site of an authentic turn-of-the-century Rhineland castle. A tour of the 120 room Boldt Castle reveals the romance and grandeur of a long-ago era. It’s history, recounted through an extensive exhibit, excites and invites the imagination of the visitor who learns of the tragic story of lost love.