Eastern Gateway To The 1000 Islands

Brockville is considered the eastern gateway to the 1000 Islands. As one of the oldest and most charming of the cities in Ontario, Brockville attracts visitors looking for a restful way to spend a weekend near the water and enjoy a historic downtown setting. The city’s historic roots trace back to just after the American Revolution when displaced Loyalist refugees settled there and founded the village of Brockville.

Brockville offers several excellent dining options in the surrounding community including several choices in the historic downtown area. Another highlight for visitors is the selection of art galleries and antique shops.

Tourists stopping by Brockville for the first time have plenty of interesting sites to see including the Fulford Place mansion, sightseeing cruises on the St. Lawrence River, and the Brockville Museum.

Brockville in a Day:

A great way to begin the day is with a pancake breakfast at the Gibbons Maple Sugar House at Buds on the Bay, followed by a free tour of the maple farms.

Follow that up with a trip in the downtown sector, taking in the shopping and lunch in historic downtown.

Your day would be incomplete without enjoying entertainment at the Brockville Arts Centre, built in 1858, after dinner. The theatre hosts live music shows, first-run movies, and spectacular annual events such as a jazz festival.

Brockville Highlights:

  • Brockville Arts Centre theater
  • Art galleries and antique shops
  • Brockville Museum
  • Tours of Fulford Place (mansion)
  • Ghost walks in the historic downtown area
  • Brockville Railway Tunnel