Black Lake NY Cottage United States

Rollaway Bay, Black Lake NY cottage rental.

Locally privately-owned family cottage.

Great accommodations, this cottage is newly built and well maintained.

Family friendly surroundings.

Furnished 2 bedroom cottage.

Grill and fire pit outside your front window.

Black Lake NY best kept secret.

Located on the south shores just off State Highway 58 at the widest point of Black Lake, on Rollaway Bay.

Rollaway Bay is nestled along the southern shore with Big Island and Conger Island just outside of the bay area. Black Lake local fishing hot spots. Northern NY best fresh water fishing, perfect for any angler.

Located approximately 4 miles from Edwardsville, or 15 miles from Gouverneur, or 30 Miles from Ogdensburg and/or 20 minutes from Hammond

Contact Information

7 Rollaway Road
Hammond, NY 13646
United States

Phone: 315-578-2561
email them at:

Location of the Black Lake NY Cottage