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Now you have a couple more exciting reasons to visit the 1000 Islands Region and Sackets Harbor: Their beer and their food! Prepare for a dining experience that will astonish you, with the finest in food and brew served in a relaxing atmosphere that is unique to the 1000 Islands.

The beer at Sackets Harbor Brewing Company is made fresh on the premises from the traditional raw materials of beer making – barley malt, hops, water and yeast. But the taste is not what you have come to expect from the “traditional” commercial beers you have had in the past. Sackets Harbor Brewing EntranceTheir brews are unique, and cannot be found anywhere else in all the world! They do occasionally send a few sample kegs to other brew pubs around the country, but to experience all that they offer you’ll simply have to visit Sackets Harbor.

The entire beer making process is done in the brewing facility attached to their pub. They use their own recipes, developed by their very own brewmeister right here in Sackets Harbor. Milled barley malt is steeped in hot water to convert the starches into sugar. The sweet liquor is then run off into a kettle and boiled with the hops. After the boil is complete the concoction is cooled and sent to their stainless steel fermenters, where the yeast is added. The yeast takes 7 to 10 days to complete the fermentation process. During this time the beer is carbonated. They then filter the fresh beer into tanks in a cold room directly below the bar, where it is chilled to perfection. These tanks are directly connected to their bar room taps. By serving their brews directly from these storage tanks they allow their customers to experience the freshest possible beer.

And their food . . .

Sackets Harbor Brewing DiningWe know that a fine beer should be served with fine food, and so they have made certain that everything from their soups and sandwiches to their sizzlers are prepared to exquisit perfection. Many of their menu items feature their beer as an ingredient, and all the chef’s creations reflect their clever personality and artistic flair.

Contact Information

212 West Main Street
Sackets Harbor, NY 13685
United States

Phone: 315-646-BREW

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Please verify all pricing, menu items, and hours of operation with the business.

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