The Golden Crescent

Residents of Chaumont claim their nearby freshwater bay on the eastern end of Lake Ontario features some of the best water recreation opportunities in the world. The only way to know if the claims are true is to visit Chaumont and the bay yourself.

The Chaumont Bay-Three Mile Harbor area is known as the Golden Crescent; it’s the largest freshwater bay in the world.

Fishing is plentiful (including frying bass, perch, pike, bullhead, lake trout, and salmon) in the Golden Crescent, two yacht clubs call the bay home, and swimming is enjoyed by all. When the weather is colder, resident enjoy ice fishing, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling.

When not on the water, visitors to Chaumont may choose to take part in the several events held annually, including Lyme Community Field Days, craft fairs, the Lyme Triathalon, the Tour de Chaumont Bay bike ride, and fishing derbies.

Chaumont in a Day

Area restaurants provide plenty of options for breakfast. After eating, take the two-mile nature trail hike at the Chaumont Barrens that will introduce you to incredible landscape.

Following your hike, grab lunch at a restaurant near the water and then head off to an afternoon of sailing, swimming, or fishing.

Finish the day by eating dinner while relaxing in the quiet surroundings of the Chaumont area, either at a campsite or a location overlooking the water where you can grab a good view of the sunset.

Chaumont Highlights

  • Fishing, swimming, sailing
  • Nature trail at Chaumont Barrens
  • Lyme Community Field Days
  • Fishing derbies
  • Lyme Triathalon
  • Tour De Chaumont Bay bike ride
  • Camping at Long Point State Park
  • Lyme Heritage Center