Located Right On The St. Lawrence Seaway

Massena, located right on the St. Lawrence Seaway, has been a bustling community and a destination for visitors since its establishment in 1802.

Visitors can enjoy a birds-eye view of the ships passing through the St. Lawrence Seaway from the observation tower of the Eisenhower Lock. President Eisenhower visited the area personally when the shipping lock named after him first opened in 1959.

In addition to President Eisenhower, Messena has had other famous visitors as well. Theodore Roosevelt relaxed in the medicinal waters of Massena’s sulphur springs and artist Norman Rockwell spent several summers vacationing and painting in the area.

Visitors to the Moses-Saunders Power Dam can utilize the facility’s interactive exhibits and learn how electricity is produced, understand the properties of electricity, and learn energy conservation tips. Panoramic views of the dam can be seen from the facility, which also shows films on the construction and operation of the dam from its onsite theatre.

Robert Moses State Park and Coles Creek Park offer outdoor enthusiasts campgrounds, marinas, a Nature Center, beach and picnic grounds, and hiking and cross-country ski trails. The Nature Center features rooms full of environmental educational displays, live and mounted animals, a live honey bee display and more educational nature displays.

Massena in a Day:

Enjoy a hearty breakfast in a local Massena restaurant before heading out to hike the trails near the Nature Center.

Grab a picnic lunch and head to the park. Later in the afternoon learn about electricity through one of the many interactive exhibits at the Moses-Saunders Power Dam Visitors Center.

Watch the boats go through the Eisenhower Lock Observation Deck before heading to dinner.

Free Activities:

  • Robert Moses State Park
  • Coles Creek Park
  • The Nature Center
  • The Moses-Saunders Power Dam Visitors Center